Staying lean and healthy this summer holidays


The summer holidays are an enjoyable time of the year – but for many, it can also be a stressful time when diet goes out of the window and is replaced with over indulgence and a bloated stomach. Family gatherings, parties and the festivities can easily become the foundation of unnecessary weight gain and post holiday regrets.


Stay in control this summer by following these easy simple steps and start 2021 feeling lean and healthy.


  1. Watch your blood sugar levels. Over indulgence, high carb and sugar creates a spike in insulin. Over time this can make your pancreas inefficient creating insulin that doesn’t metabolise sugar which in turn leads into diabetes.
  2. When consuming high carb/high sugar always match with apple cider vinegar to prevent sugar crashing and to boost the break down of food.
  3. Always incorporate some protein and fibre with all meals to keep your gut friendly and regular.
  4. Keep moving at-least once a day even if its a a short 15 minute stroll. Better yet in a fasted state first thing in the morning especially if you have a big lunch coming up.
  5. Avoid sugary drinks and instead opt for soda or mineral water with lemon to increase liver detoxifying properties or try our drinks which contain 5 strains of probiotics and a full dose of organic apple cider vinegar.

    Enter 2021 feeling lean, healthy and even better, better than the year before.
    We got your back.