Meet The Maker


 Since her teens, Applelachia founder Caroline Chang regularly experienced bloating, sugar cravings, blemished skin and dark circles around her eyes. Every meal was a battle in her stomach. She knew she was fed up when she couldn’t comfortably enjoy simply having pizza and wine on a Friday night.

Applelachia was born in Caroline’s kitchen. After trying all sorts of eating lifestyles and cleansing programs, she had learned about the benefits of ACV and started self treating her long term IBS and Candida with the ancient elixir. She began drinking it simply by diluting it with water, but then started experimenting by mixing it with fresh fruit and other flavours.

It took about three weeks for the benefits to fully kick in, but once they did, she was hooked and no longer at war with the food she ate. Caroline soon realised she had a product on her hands that could help Aussies enjoy the goodness of ACV without a shock to their taste buds.

Her first set up included a soda stream, a cheap blender she borrowed and some measuring spoons. She printed some labels, sourced some bottles, bought a hand capper to seal the bottles and recycled VB cartons to store them. Then she went door knocking on health food stores and persisted with a smile until she got ranged in iconic Melbourne health food store - Terra Madre. 

From delivering drinks in her personal car to now seeing her drinks available nationally, Caroline's vision of sharing the healing benefits of ACV with the world is coming to fruition. Watch out for what's next.