What’s the go with sugar in Applelachia drinks?

A number one rule at the Applelachia headquarters is using absolutely NO SUGAR in all our recipes.

There is a tiny trace of naturally occurring sugar which comes from natural ingredients like our 100% organic Persian lime juice.

Our apple cider vinegar (which actually helps balance blood sugar) is made from organic apples grown in the Dolomites, it is then fermented for 36 months where all the sugars are converted to gut loving organic acids and prebiotics.

Can women who are pregnant or breastfeeding drink Applelachia?

Absolutely. Women have been drinking ACV and fermented foods safely for centuries. 

Is there alcohol in Applelachia?

Sorry to say there is 0% in Applelachia drinks! However we don’t discriminate against mixing Applelachia with some gin or vodka!

What are the floaty bits in Applelachia?

Those floaty bits are live cultures from the Mother in our ACV. We ensure we keep all the goodness in by keeping Applelachia raw and unspastuerised. Treat the floaty bits as our friends!

Do I need to keep Applelachia in the fridge?

Applelachia is best served chilled but can be served at any temperature, even as a hot toddy in the winter months! 

There is no sugar in our recipes which means the drinks will not ferment if left out. 

Once opened the fizz will die down within a few days but are perfectly safe to drink within any timeframe after being opened.

Is Applelachia pastuerised?

Absolutely not. All our drinks are raw and cold filled. This means that all the goodness from the live cultures and probiotics stay intact, happy healthy and strong.

Is Applelachia organic?

Yep! Appalachia is Australian Certified Organic (ACO). 

This process involves rigorous testing and compliance checks such as ensuring no GMOs have touched a single ingredient used in our recipe to other compliance checks such as ensuring the soil used to grow the apples in our ACV is non-irradiated. In fact, our apple cider vinegar comes from the pristine region of The Alps in northern Italy!

Is Applelachia vegan?

All drinks are vegan.

How many Applelachias can I drink in one day?

There are no safety issues with drinking ACV when it is diluted like in Applelachia. Each bottle contains 1.5 tablespoons of organic ACV. 

Can kids drink Applelachia?

Yes! Applelachia makes a great replacement for fruit juice drinks and sugar riddled sodas.

What sweetener is used in Applelachia

Organic Xylitol, also a prebiotic. Xylitol is a natural clean tasting sweetener derived from plants. Studies have shown xylitol helps prevent tooth decay, does not spike blood sugar and also helps feed the gut microbiota. 

Xylitol may create regular bowel movements in some people.

But we think it's better out than in!

What is the Mother?

The living beneficial bacteria where all the goodness from ACV comes from. It is a cloudy substance comprised of organic acids, colonies of beneficial bacteria and acetic acid. 

How much ACV is there per bottle?

1.5 tablespoons per bottle.

Is Applelachia safe for my teeth?

Applelachia is safe for teeth because the ACV is diluted in our drinks.

What is the shelf life of Applelachia?

Our best before is 24 months from bottling. No preservatives are used, the ACV however acts as a natural preservative.

What ingredients are used in Applelachia?

All ingredients are natural, carefully sourced and tested to meet the Australian Certified Organic standards ensuring top quality standards. The water and ACV in Applelachia comes from the pristine alpine region of the Dolomites, renowned for its high quality organic produce and apples! 

 How do I pronounce Applelachia?

Apple - Lay -Sha. 
We get a lot of fans saying Apple- Chia. Maybe we will add chia seeds one day!

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