About Applelachia


Applelachia is Australia's first and original sparkling Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) drink. ACV is vinegar made from fermenting apples. The superpowered by-product contains a live mother culture which is designed to help heal, soothe and balance the body. Yes those lovely floaty bits are the goods!
Not only is Applelachia full of organic and natural ingredients, it’s full of prebiotics and digestive enzymes which are anti-inflammatory, alkalising, detoxifying, blood sugar balancing and liver tonifying. Applelachia comes in 4 flavours - Superfood Cola, Passionfruit, Yuzu Superfood Lemonade, and Ginger, Tumeric and Yuzu.
There are constantly new flavours brewing at the Applelachia Headquarters.
Read about the maker behind the brand and her journey to gut health with Apple Cider Vinegar.