Why Applelachia is the Ultimate Hangover Cure


With silly season upon us, there’s no shortage of parties, festivals and big nights on the roster. To look after your liver and prepare your tummy for alcohol, we suggest having your daily dose of apple cider vinegar before going out and the morning after.

New Years is all about new beginnings, and here at Applelachia we want you going into 2019 feeling fresh AF. But unfortunately, hangovers are the dreaded consequence of our cheeky actions. Luckily, Applelachia has you sorted. Each bottle contains your daily dose of apple cider vinegar which can help soothe those headaches and uneasy stomachs and give you the relief you need.

How? Well ACV’s detoxification capabilities within the liver are unprecedented. The holiday season is all about celebration, which calls for champagne, alcohol and other sugary drinks. Incorporating ACV into this mix can help your liver regulate your sugar intake and even balance your insulin levels.  ACV can also boost your metabolism, and combined, these benefits help you combat stubborn fat and toxins within the liver. A happy liver means more holiday fun for you!

Experts believe that apple cider vinegar also works wonders in ridding the entire body of nasty toxins. Having ACV the morning after can aid with fluid retention and stabilise blood sugar levels, which can be shaky after a big night out. ACV is also super helpful in shifting unwanted fat, making sure those decadent cocktails don’t add to your waistline. Raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar (which Applelachia uses) contains iron, potassium and calcium. Both the minerals and the acidity in apple cider vinegar help your head when it’s feeling achy. #Winning all around!

Applelachia is Australia’s first sparkling ACV drink. It comes in five different flavours and offers your daily dose of ACV in a delicious bottle with no added sugar and all natural ingredients. So go on, let loose! And feel better about your hangover because we’ve got your back (and liver) covered.

Imagine plucking raspberries, and eating them straight off the vine. We’ve bottled up that good stuff, and paired it with native Australian finger lime. Our new Raspberry & Native Lime flavour has been a massive hit since it launched in Woolies a month ago. Why not hit two birds with one stone and make a cocktail with it? Try this 👅

Vodka Raspberry, Native Lime & Mint Cocktail

  • 125g punnet raspberries
  • 1/4 cup (60ml) vodka
  • Handful mint leaves, half torn
  • 1 bottle of Raspberry & Native Lime Applelachia
  • Ice

Happy holidays from our family to yours! x

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