Valentines Day is Self Love Day


How do you feel about yourself when you’re by yourself?
The awareness of being and feeling alone may be triggered particularly around Valentines Day, seeing and hearing about stories of loved up lovers treating each other like kings and queens when some of us singles are stuck at home texting our colleagues or friends sweet nothings.
The time has come to signify the concept of being alone as the new healthy and

necessary selffish harnessing the sense of empowerment, independence and individuality.
For those who are single on V Day - this is a day to really tune into your “Self” and remind yourselves of just how very special you are not just today but everyday. We get that V Day is a day to be triggered seeing all the ads and loved up couples spoiling each other but remember that those who seek happiness in other people usually end up in tears.

The 3 words we love to swear by:

1. Empowerment
2. Independence
3. Individuality

Are things that so easily get caught up and when “in” a relationship that this tends to become another challenge in itself, how to maintain those three pillars when taken, but thats a whole other blog for another time. But rather see these three things as a mark of pride that we all seek in a future potential partner so lets harness these strengths now!

In the mean time we recommend you do the below Self Love Treatments:

1. Write down 5 things you love about yourself.
2. Doing some mirror work and saying “I Love You!” In the mirror. Repeat for the next 7 days or more.
3. Tune back into your 7 year old self and tell your 7 year self that she/he is amazing, is doing a good job and is completely safe. Be the bigger brother or sister to that inner child. Repeat for the next 7 days or more.
4. Treat yourself to a date night where you do only what you wanna do without having to involve anyone else. It can be something like watching a movie and choosing your favourite healthy chocolate, taking yourself out for lunch wearing your favourite outfit, going to the art gallery, going for a nice stroll in nature with your favourite drink, zoning out to your favourite music.

To help you get into your zone of “Self Love”. We have teamed up with friends Loving Earth Chocolates, Lylou, Kyoti, Ritual Community and of course yours truly us to create the ultimate “Self Love” package worth $750 to help remind you to treat yourself and promote some self love vibes.

The prize will include:

A mixed box of 80g bars (11 bars), 2 x gubinge, 1 x jilungin dreaming tea, 3 x choc coated almonds chocolates from Loving Earth Chocolates.

$150 worth of treasured jewelry by Kyoti

$150 worth of eco-luxurious garments by Lylou

10 Class Drop in Pack valued at $200 at Ritual Community

50 Raspberry Lime ACV probiotic and prebiotic drinks from us.


Good luck & Self Love Day! (everyday)

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