Staying Lean and Healthy This Summer Holidays


The summer holidays are an enjoyable time of the year – but for many, it can be a stressful time where diet goes out the window and is replaced by gluttony, a bloated stomach and that post holiday bloat.

Family gatherings, parties and festivities easily slip into the foundation of unnecessary weight gain and feeling sluggish. Stay in control this summer by following these easy simple steps and start 2021 off right:
  1. Watch your sugar intake. Over indulgence, high carb and sugar creates a spike in insulin. Over time this can lead to the pancreas creating inefficient insulin which loses its ability in metabolising sugar leading to high blood sugar leading to fat storage. Apple cider vinegar gives your pancreas a hand here by strengthening the organ produce good working insulin.
  2. When consuming high carb or high sugar apple cider vinegar can help prevent sugar crashes boost the break down of food so your body can process easier.
  3. Reduce over alcohol consumption as this also gets stored as sugar which in turn gets stored as fat if energy does not meet consumption. Instead opt for soda or mineral water with lemon to increase liver detoxifying properties or try Applelachia now stocked at Woolworths as your healthier better for you drink option. Yes Applelachia is 100% alcohol free.

    Happy summer holidays!

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