How Drinking Applelachia May Help Speed Up Your Metabolism & Help You Lose Weight

Summer is officially here and as usual, many of us are scrambling to get our beach bodies in shape!

With so many different fad diets and methods for toning up and trimming down out there, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin.

The health community has been abuzz lately with a trend towards the ‘miracle elixir’ - apple cider vinegar, and we’re the biggest enthusiasts out there! An ancient folk remedy, ACV has a range of proven benefits and has swiftly become one of the most popular daily rituals for health savvy consumers.

Amongst a long list of attributes, studies have shown it to be the ultimate best friend to your weight loss program. Thanks to its natural ability to boost your metabolism, ACV helps your digestive system process food faster and shed those last few pesky pounds.

How? Well ACV has acetic acid, which are linked to short-chain fatty acids that are known to dissolve into acetate and hydrogen in your body. Studies suggest that acetic acid can promote weight loss in several ways. It lowers blood sugar levels, decreases insulin levels, reduces fat storage, burns fat and suppresses appetite. Consider ACV a work out for your insides, whilst you work on the out. 

And we’re only getting started. The cosmetic benefits of ACV are just the beginning of this little potion’s powers!

If you’re planning to kick start your workout routine and get into shape fast, then the naturally occurring potassium in ACV will also give you more energy efficient muscles. Not only does ACV give you a well needed boost, but it is one of the seven essential minerals that are crucial for your body’s function when exercising. Consuming enough potassium aids muscle control and prevents twitches and cramps. The acetic acid also boosts glycogen repletion, which helps your muscles turn carbs into energy instead of storing them as fat.

And it doesn’t stop there. Aside from weight loss and improved muscle function, ACV addresses multiple health concerns by restoring PH balance, fighting harmful bacteria, alkalising the digestive system, reducing cholesterol, lowering blood sugar levels and improving symptoms of diabetes.

And the best news of all? We couldn’t have made it any easier for you to enjoy these health benefits! Some people find ACV a bit tough to drink, so we’ve made it simple and delicious for them. Applelachia offers your daily dose of ACV in one mouth-watering bottle with no added sugar and all natural ingredients! Feel free to enjoy them guilt-free, or better yet, feel really good about having them.

Passionfruit is a happy fruit that gets to bake out in the sun all day, absorbing all the serotonin-loving vitamin D. By way of showing gratitude, it delivers super sweet and tangy delectable goodness. We’ve bottled up this fruit of paradise up and added our go-to elixir (ACV) for the ultimate summer time treat - tastes naughty, but is very nice. For a delicious refreshment, try our Passionfruit NoJito recipe below.

Passionfruit NoJito

- Passionfruit Applelachia

- Fresh passionfruit (pulp and seeds)

- Muddled limes

- Fresh mint

- Ice

- Add rum if you’re feeling frisky


Enjoy xx

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