How ACV Actually Boosts Your Immune System

Face masks, gloves, hand sanitiser, keeping our distance, getting excited to be able to leave the house for that golden 1 hour of the day and going straight back inside to snuggle in.

What more could we add to our thrilling daily routine? Anything to protect and boost our immunity is becoming more likened as a daily essential. So if you're wanting to understand exactly how apple cider vinegar can help protect and boost your immunity. Here are 3 powerful and proven ways it works.

  1. Down regulates cytokines, which is the immunes response to inflammation. Things like a sore throat and a headache are due to inflammation due to your immunes response. Reducing inflammation givens your immunity a helping hand and ACV does just this - reduces inflammation.
  2. Increases the activity of phagocytosis, which is when the cell identifies something like a virus, bacteria and candida! It destroys the target by surrounding it with its natural acid substance. ACV which is an organic acid amplifies this process - phagocytosis.
  3. Stimulates white blood cells to help fight infection and aids in the healing process. 

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