7 Powerful Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar


Apple cider vinegar has a glorious reputation for being one of the most valuable players in the health and wellness game. From the ancient Greeks endorsing its use to manage wounds and treat coughs and colds, to modern day celebrities and athletes who swear by it for beauty and wellness: apple cider vinegar has been steadily celebrated as a miracle ‘cure-all’ of sorts. But what’s all the fuss about? Read on to learn more about all the surprising benefits of ACV.

  • Constant struggles with bloating and indigestion? Apple cider vinegar might just be the golden ticket for you. With a huge helping of prebiotics to support the good bacteria guarding your gut, and alkalizing properties that regulate the stomach’s acid – ACV’s effects on digestion remains one of its biggest draws for people incorporating it into their day-to-day.

  • ACV has been known to lower triglycerides (which reduce the potential for blockages in the arteries), and contains Pectin, a dietary-fibre effective in counteracting bad cholesterol. Armed with a ton of acetic acid for maintaining overall cardiovascular health, ACV works hard to look out for you from the inside out.  

  • Adding a daily dose of ACV to your morning routine may also prove useful when trying to lose weight. ACV is known to decrease appetite by increasing feelings of satiety, and its acetic acid component works well in reducing sugar cravings. Plus, ACV helps speed up your metabolism, allowing you to digest food faster without letting it slow you down.

  • The prebiotics and acetic acid prominent in ACV allow the stomach to breakdown foods in the gut more effectively, allowing for better nutrient absorption and leading to better overall gut health.

  • ACV assists insulin in breaking down sugars more efficiently, helping to regulate blood sugar levels and keeping them in a healthy state. Studies have even suggested that including ACV as part of a preventative diet can help pre-diabetics steer clear of the condition entirely. Clearly this powerful liquid packs a punch.

  • Amongst all its other uses, ACV is also renowned for its application as an antimicrobial product in a variety of ways. With highly antibacterial and antifungal properties, ACV proves an incredibly useful tool in strengthening your immunity and killing bacteria and candida overgrowths.  

  • While the ingestion of ACV is incredibly beneficial, it also has a multitude of popular uses externally. Known as an all-around skin savior, ACV is also commonly used to cleanse, tighten and soften skin, and relieve the symptoms of skin irritation and inflammation. Simply apply ACV with diluted water with a washcloth on your face before bed and sleep easy, knowing the magical potion is working overnight.

    Don’t listen to us - take the word of Hippocrates, Scarlett Johansson or the Kardashians. With its abundance of good, it’s no wonder ACV has continued to impress through the ages. Get your daily dose of this total-wellness superstar in the tastiest way by grabbing an Applelachia, and live your best with the rest.

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