5 Healthy Daily Habits Applelachia Founder Can’t Live Without


Hey guys! My name is Caroline and I founded Applelachia in my kitchen about three years ago. Although I live a healthy lifestyle, I am certainly no monk who meditates daily and does ten sun salutations before I start the day. But suffering from gut and health issues throughout the years has forced me to learn what my mind and body needs. These are five daily habits I can’t live without.

1. Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is great for your body and there are a number of ways to go about it. My technique is simply skipping breakfast. Ever eat a heavy meal and can’t help but want to nap afterwards? That’s because digestion becomes the number one source of energy consumption after you eat. By fasting, you not only give your body a break, you open up a larger window to allocate vital life force energy to other parts of your body or mind. The result - you feel physically and mentally sharper and lighter. Do your own research into intermittent fasting before you decide what technique is right for you.

2. Daily Dose of ACV (& Water)

Coming in strong at number two is my beloved ACV ❤️ Obviously, she’s my home girl. First thing each morning, I free-pour some ACV into my big stainless steel water bottle. I find that drinking ACV water on an empty stomach reaps the best cleansing and alkalising benefits. The yeasts from the live mother culture go straight to your gut and the water instantly re-hydrates your cells. This little combo of fasting, ACV and a litre of water is my ultimate morning ritual. Together they’re a force to be reckoned with - hence why I have been doing this every day for as long as I can remember.

3. Infrared Saunas

Our skin is our biggest organ, making it one of the most effective ways to detox and cleanse all the baddies that don’t belong in our bodies. I love infrared saunas as they’re steam-free, meaning you can send emails or read an ebook or just chill whilst in there. Infrared saunas use the same heat that the sun generates and are a lot more tolerable than traditional saunas. The heat penetrates on a much deeper cellular level and you end up sweating out more toxins. I try to make it down at least four to five times a week.

4. Journaling

Writing in my journal is my go-to first thing in the morning or when I’m feeling flustered, confused, happy or excited. When my mind is riddled with thoughts, ideas and even anxiety, I just spill my words down on paper. It helps me clear a cluttered mind and makes more room for clarity to come in. This practice helps me problem solve and work out solutions that I otherwise wouldn’t have. My journal is my best friend - always there to listen and be my sounding board.

5.  Deep Diaphragmatic Breathing

Also known as “deep breathing,” this new addition to my daily routine helps bring a sense of groundedness and awareness to my breath, which is my form of mindfulness. I find this beneficial because I personally struggle with meditation. I breathe into my stomach for the first two thirds of my inhale and then the last third into my chest. I hold for three seconds, then exhale the first third of my chest and then the last two thirds out of my stomach. Anytime I’m feeling a bit stressed or overwhelmed, this calms me right down.

Even though my life moves a hundred miles an hour, I do my best to take the time to do all if not most of these daily. If they resonate with you, give them a go. Otherwise find your own healthy habits that do the trick for you.

Lots of love,

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